X-Altra Mini II ‘Classic’ to Full Remote Control Upgrade PCB

Upgrade  the manual control X-Altra Mini II to full Remote Control.  The Remote Control PCB replaces the Input Select control PCB and comes with an NXP LPC1114 microcontroller pre-programmed and mounted on the board. You must purchase an Apple TV Remote (aluminium silver type) from your local apple store – the cost is about $20.  Do not use cheap plastic imitation Apple TV Remotes  from Amazon or Ali Express – you will run into problems.

Note, this upgrade option only applies if ordering at the same time with a PCB set.  If you want to buy the Remote Control only, you will have to add shipping and tracking charges – please see ‘X-Altra Mini II Remote Control Board Only’ in the shop.


Attention: you must use the Remote control housing with this board, available from Modushop here X-Altra Mini II Remote Control Housing



Item: X-Altra Mini II Remote Control Upgrade

Unit price: $40

Shipping: $0


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