X-Altra MC/MM Phono EQ Preamp PCB Set

The X-Altra MC/MM Phono Preamp PCB set consists of a main signal board and a separate rear panel board screened white on black and gold plated. The rear panel board is designed to replace the aluminium rear panel on the Modushop housing and accepts the input/output connectors, power receptacle and switches.  This means you do not have to drill and file your own rear panel resulting in a fine looking professional grade finish to your project. The X-Altra MC/MM Phono EQ preamplifier was featured in audioXpress in February  and March 2021 and is one of the quietest, most accurate  MC/MM preamplifiers available anywhere and at any price.  See the ‘Projects’ page for full details.


Item: X-Altra MC/MM Phono Preamp PCB Set

Unit price: $49.50

Shipping: $15.00


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