Hifisonix X-Altra HPA-1 Class A Headphone Amplifier PCB

This compact headphone amplifier operates in class A up to 180mA peak output current and will deliver 1.75W RMS into 32 Ohms in class A.  It remains in class A up to 13V pk-pk into 32 Ohms (which is 5.2W peak class A power) after which it will transition to class AB up to 34V pk-pk (these figures for +-18V supply rails.  It features ultra-low distortion and very wide bandwidth.  An output mute relay is incorporated on the board which can for example, be controlled by the mute output on the Hifisonix Standard PSU. The PCB measures 87.5mm x 73mm and used SMD components down to 0805. (The Standard PSU also available in the shop makes an ideal power supply for this headphone amplifier).


Item: Hifisonix HPA1 Class A Headphone Amp PCB

Unit price: $17.60

Shipping: $15.00


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