X-Altra Mini II ‘Classic’ Board Set ‘D’

This PCB set allows you to build a complete X-Altra Mini II ‘Classic’  without the MC/MM phono EQ amp or the discrete line stage.

PCB Set consists of

  • Balanced line amp PCB
  • Input select control PCB
  • Low noise Standard PSU
  • Input relay select PCB
  •  Rear panel PCB set (2 boards)
  • 2 off volume and input select mounting PCB’s
  • Headphone socket mounting PCB

This configuration gives 6 inputs (Phono*, CD, tuner, DAC, Aux and Record), provides 2 off left and right unbalanced outputs,  1 set of balanced outputs (left and right), and  buffered record output.  No headphone amp and no phono stage, although these can be added at a later date.  All outputs use relay muting controlled from the Standard PSU Relay mute output.

To upgrade this board set to full remote control using the Apple TV Remote, order the ‘Remote Control Upgrade‘ at the same time you order this board set which will save on shipping and tracking charges.  Note if using the Remote control board, relay muting is controlled by the on board microcontroller.

*Phono input: there is a facility on the relay input select board to bridge the phono EQ input and output connections. This will allow you to connect the output of an external phono EQ amp to the X-Altra Mini II phono input rather than use one of the other line inputs (typically ‘Aux’)



Item: X-Altra Mini II 'Classic' PCB Set 'D'

Unit price: $117

Shipping: $21


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