This PCB set is to build a X-Altra Mini II ‘Classic’ manual control version of the preamp – JFET discrete line amp unbalanced output,  aux unbalanced output, 2 left and right balanced outputs  plus a buffered record output; inputs are  phono (MC and MM), CD, Tuner, Aux, DAC and Rec; no Headphone Amp and no […]

Upgrade  any X-Altra Mini II PCB set to full Remote Control.  The Remote Control PCB replaces the Input Select control PCB and comes with an NXP LPC1114 microcontroller pre-programmed and mounted on the board. You must purchase an Apple TV Remote (aluminium silver type) from your local apple store – the cost is about $20.  […]

X-Altra Mini II Remote Control Board Only PCB

Use this option if you are only purchasing the Remote control board and no others.  PCB comes with NXP LPC1114 mounted and programmed. Do not use cheap plastic imitation Apple TV Remotes from Amazon or Ali Express – you will run into problems.   Attention: you must use the Remote control housing with this board, available […]

This PCB bundle saves on shipping costs and includes a HPA-1 Class A Headphone Amplifier PCB Standard PSU – low noise 15/25W +-18Vout See the relevant project pages for the measurement, BOM and assembly details    

Hifisonix Accurate Inverse RIAA Network (IRN) PCB

This IRN features very right RIAA conformance and is ideal for testing the response of RIAA vinyl preamplifiers.  The board uses parallel/series combinations of SMD resistors and capacitors to realise superior accuracies.  Note, two boards are shipped with each order as you will need one for each channel.

Hifisonix X-Altra HPA-1 Class A Headphone Amplifier PCB

This compact headphone amplifier operates in class A up to 180mA peak output current and will deliver 1.75W RMS into 32 Ohms in class A.  It remains in class A up to 13V pk-pk into 32 Ohms (which is 5.2W peak class A power) after which it will transition to class AB up to 34V […]