The ax-Amplifier: A 60W RMS Class A Amplifier featuring AFEC

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The ax-Amp is a topologically simple 60 W RMS per channel class A current feedback amplifier employing Augmented Feedback Error Correction (AFEC) to achieve ultra-low distortion, high PSRR and low DC offset. Direct regulation of the class A output standing current results in stable bias over the full operating temperature and all three bias modes. The design uses 4 pairs of 200 Watt sustained beta output transistors per channel to manage the thermal dissipation and allow the amplifier to comfortably deliver peak load currents of >26A. The full power 1 kHz distortion into 8 Ohms measures 3.5ppm, almost all of that contributed by the test instrumentation, while into 2 Ohms, delivering >200 Watts, the distortion is just 12 ppm. The 19+20 kHz full power IMD 1 kHz residual is -118 dBr, attesting to the ax-Amplifiers very good HF linearity. The full power mains noise floor peaks are better than -126 dBr. Using a small 3 position (ON-OFF-ON) toggle switch mounted on the chassis underside just behind the front panel, the amplifier can be switched to class A, class AAB or class AB. To save power, a fast response ‘plateau’ bias circuit switches the amplifier to class A or AAB operation (if selected) when input signal is detected and reverts it to class AB operation 40 seconds after the absence of any input signal.

Here is a quick teaser of the Part 1 article as it appeared in audioXpress: –

The ax-Amplifier uses the deluxe 5U chassis that comes with predrilled heatsinks and drilled rear panel. US builders can order the chassis from, while European builders can order the chassis directly from Modushop in Italy, specifying ‘diyAudio deluxe chassis’. Here is the enclosure. When ordering the chassis from Modushop, be sure to specify ‘diyAudio pre-drilled hole specification’.

As always, if you have any questions, I’ll be very happy to answer them and provide any technical support or other enquiries you may require should you decide to build the ax-Amplifier.


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