13 responses to “Solid State Relay with PCB Layout”

  1. Ian Finch says:

    Beautifully compact – A1, but the link (if that was intended) to the Gerbers is not yet active

    • Bonsai says:

      Sorry the link in the Doc is not active. It will be a link to the Gerber file in the actual post. I will update it later today.

  2. Tomas Rosario says:

    What about the avago Dual Channel Photovoltaic MOSFET Driver ASSR-V622-002E ?

  3. Prasi says:

    Hi I am looking for a stereo protection board with supplies of 35v and 70 v. Do you have any PCB implementation with SSR with discreet devices for start delay, short circuit and DC protect?

    • Bonsai says:

      Prasi, I do not have anything specifically for the voltages you are mentioning (35 and 70 Volts). However, the PSU +Protect circuit (see the nx-Amplifier write-up) could be used with some modification of the values. I will take a look at it in the next few days and make some proposals.

      Can you tell me why you want 35V and 70V?

  4. Gene says:

    Hi Andrew, I need an ssr for a 500 watt/channel into 8 ohm amp, which needs mosfets for up to 100 – 150 volts to be safe and 10 -15 amps.

    Do u know such fets which have audio freq linearity ?

    Also, do u sell your products in kit form ?

  5. George Cherhit says:

    Hello Bonsai,

    I have a question regarding U5, the TLP191. The data sheet shows the pinout as anode pin 1, cathode pin3, cathode pin 4, anode pin6. how doe this pinout match up to you’re schematic?


  6. George Cherhit says:


  7. prashant says:

    hi Bonsai,
    Can you answer Geirge’s question? I am also confused about the symbol of TLP191. Also any drop in replacements for TLP device?

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