Audio Power Amplifier Design – Peter J Baxandall

In this 6 part series of articles published from January 1978 in the now defunct Wireless World magazine, Peter Baxandall takes the reader through some of the fundamentals of audio amplifier design as they were understood at the time.  

Baxandall_Audio Power Amplifier Design

In 1978  there was still much discussion about feedback and how to apply it. Otala’s famous paper about TIM had been out for a few years and some of the assertions in that paper were beginning to be challenged. Solid state amplifier design was still very much a formative discipline with most practitioners trying to see through what appeared to be the conflicting requirements of high feedback, zero TIM, and low distortion. It would be a few more years before the rules of the game would emerge, and designing ‘blameless’ amplifiers became a reality.



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