An Overview Of SID and TIM, Walt Jung et al

This series of articles on TIM and SID (and subsequent AES paper), were authored by Walter G. Jung and published between 1977 and 1979 in ‘The Audio Amateur’. It should be read in the context of amplifier design as it stood in the late 1970’s: a clear understanding of the mechanism was only just beginning to emerge, and regrettably, many practitioners ended up incorrectly blaming the root cause of the problem on feedback, which of course we now know it is not. It took another 5 to 10 years after this paper, and Bob Cordell’s 1980 paper, before an engineering approach that prevented TIM and SID entered the audio mainstream. Today, in 2018, designing amplifiers that do not suffer from these problems is easy and very few if any current commercial offerings have these problems.

SID and TIM by Walt Jung

Readers should also read  TIM by Robert Cordell




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