hifisonix kx2-Amplifier

hifisonix kx2-Amplifier

The hifisonix kx2-Amplifier features outstanding distortion and noise performance, coupled to switchable class A, AAB or AB operation. It delivers 28 W peak (15W RMS) class A into 8 ohms at less than 20 ppm distortion, and >80 watts RMS into 2 Ohms at 0.2% distortion. The compact PCB measures 100mm x 115mm (each channel).

You can buy a set of two kx2-amplifier boards and a basic power supply board Jim’s Audio here :- kx2-Amplifier PCB Set

The kx2-Amplifier (hereinafter just called the ‘kx2’) takes the original kx-Amplifier released in 2018 and irons out some wrinkles reported by a few builders – full details in the presentation linked to further below – and also enhances the overall performance significantly.

The build document linked to further down includes a comprehensive set of distortion and noise measurements using the Quant Asylum QA401 Audio Analyzer.

The kx2 features even lower distortion than the earlier kx-Amp and now uses TMC (‘transitional miller compensation’) rather than TPC (‘two pole compensation’) used previously. This provides better behaved square wave response with no closed loop HF overshoot which TPC exhibits. Further, by opening a jumper on the PCB, the compensation can be changed to standard Miller compensation which some people prefer.

On the original kx -Amp, the output operating mode could be switched between class A or class AAB. On the kx2, it can be switched between class A, class AAB or class AB.

Improvements to the PCB layout and re-routing some of the tracks resulted in a dramatic 15 dB reduction in the measured noise floor. In class AB mode, this is now -120 dBr reference 15W RMS into 8 Ohms, and in class A mode -115 dBr 15 W RMS into 8 Ohms (inputs shorted to signal ground in both measurements).

The bias servo design has been improved so that at high output powers at LF, the LF distortion is dramatically improved over the earlier kx-Amplifier.

Here is the full pdf build document which covers a circuit description, measurements and build details (c. 4.7 MB) :-

Here is the Mouser kx2-Amplifier V2 BOM in Excel format :-

here’s a short YouTube video introduction to the new amp