Peter Walker’s ‘Current Dumping’ Amplifier from 1975

Peter Walker – Founder of Quad The famous Quad ‘Current Dumping’ amplifier launched in the mid 1970’s, and featured feed forward error correction that effectively removed the class B cross over distortion that plagues this type of output circuit structure. The design featured no adjustments in production, but the circuit components around the output (L2, […]

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Michael Kiwanuka: SOA Protection for Audio Power Amplifiers

Power Amplifiers, and especially bipolar output designs, require output stage  protection  in the event of a fault, or the presence of a heavy or highly reactive load.  Michael Kiwanuka explains the intricacies and the design methodology in his paper here  soaprot_12-03-2012

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Noise in Current Sources and Current Mirrors

Philosophical musings

The low down on understanding the truth.

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