Very Simple, Accurate RIAA Phono EQ Amp

Very Simple, Accurate RIAA Phono EQ Amp

Here is a simple no-nonsense RIAA amp you can easily build.  The design uses an all-active topology and is based around an NE5534A low noise opamp. I make no claims for originality but you wont find any voodoo engineering, fairy tales or outrageous claims: It simply does what it says it does in the specification.

A complete stereo board can be built for about £25 ($35), but probably less. 

The article provides some background information on the RIAA EQ standard, launched in 1954, and why it came to be the de facto industry standard after about 1960.

hifisonix RIAA Phono EQ

To use the PDF PCB layouts below, you must print the documents out on A4. Measure the reference line lengths to make sure they match. You printer should be 600 DPI resolution or better.

Overlay and 1:1 PDF negative and positive for the EQ board:  Hifisonix Phono EQ Amp for Doc114

Optional PSU Overlay and 1:1  PDF positive and negative: Hifisonix Phono EQ PSU106

Gerbers for both the EQ amp and the PSU   Hifisonix RIAA EQ Gerbers      Hifisonix RIAA PSU Gerbers

Any questions, feel free to email me. 

Happy building!