My Loudspeakers

I bought a pair of B&W 703’s in about 2003 and they went with me all around Asia when I worked there as an expat for ten years. They are big with fantastic bass and mid-range articulation. The treble may be a little forward for some, but for Jazz, big band and rock they are superb. I would describe the sound as laid back and effortless with a slightly forward treble balance. They image very well and the bass goes very deep. They are an easy load to drive with sensitivity specified at 89dB/W. Here’s a review from 2009

The second pair of speakers I have are the highly regarded KEF LS50’s I purchased in 2017. These are near field monitors and in a small room are unmatched insofar as accuracy of reproduction and stereo imaging are concerned. My music space is quite large, so I cannot listen use them in near field mode, but the imaging and overall balance is still fantastic.

They do not go deep in a big space, although if placed near a corner (500mm – not closer) or wall, the additional acoustic reinforcement does extend the bass down considerably. I use a B&W ASW60 sub-bass that augments them below 80 Hz to flatten the response down to about 35 Hz. I use these speakers to listen to classical music, acoustic and jazz. If you have ever been to a classical concert, when you listen to these speakers, you will appreciate how accurate they are, and how well they image (much better than the 703’s which are not too shabby in this area either). You can read the Stereophile review here.