Hifisonix Standard PSU

Hifisonix Standard PSU

Here is a low noise general purpose linear power supply that can be used to power the HPA-1 Headphone amplifier or any other low noise small signal application.

The Hifisonix Standard PSU features low noise, up to 400mA per rail output current, a MUTE relay driver to ensure when the load powers up or down there are no clicks or thumps, a +12V 40mA relay PSU and an auxiliary +5 or +3.3V supply (60mA).

There are no pots on Standard PSU. This means the output voltage spread given the LM317 reference voltage tolerance of 4% and 1% resistors is in the region of +-6% (total spread c. 12%) which is too great. This simple spread sheet below will allow you to trim the output voltage to exactly +-18V – full instructions in the spread sheet.

PCB’s for this power supply are available. You can get 1 board for $20 or two boards for $35 plus $16 for tracked and signed shipping.

Please contact me at bonsai(at)hifisonix.com if you want to buy boards

You can also buy a Standard PSU + HPA-1 Headphone Amplifier PCB bundle to save on shipping costs – please go to the X-Altra HPA-1 page for details http://hifisonix.com/hpa-1-class-a-headphone-amplifier/