hifisonix Micro Ripple Eater

hifisonix Micro Ripple Eater

This simple ripple eater (aka MRE) can deliver up to 10A per supply rail (provided it is suitably heatsinked!) and will reduce mains related ripple on amplifier supply rails by up to 40 dB and as much as 50 dB at HF.

The board is small, compact and easy to mount virtually anywhere within the amplifier chassis. You can use a single ripple eater to comfortably power stereo amplifiers of up to 100W per channel, or you can use two to individually clean up the supply rails on higher power amplifiers. The series pass transistors are not critical and any 15A TO3-P or TO247 type packaged devices will work.

You can buy PCB’s for the Micro Ripple Eater (postage is $14.00 each for 1 or $24 for 2 boards).

Please contact me at bonsai(at)hifisonix.com if you wan to buy boards

Can the MRE be used with amplifiers that have supply rails > 50V?

The MRE is designed to work with amplifiers with supply rails of up to +-50V. If you want to use it with higher supply rails, the voltage rating of the capacitors has to be increased. The maximum diameter on C1 and C2 is 16mm and on C3 and C4 10mm. The transistors specified in the BOM are good for up to +-80V supply rails.