Coming Soon: X-Altra RIAA Phono EQ Preamp

Coming Soon: X-Altra RIAA Phono EQ Preamp

Shown above is a partially assembled prototype of the PCB

The ‘X-Altra Phono EQ Preamp’ is an accurate, very low noise high performance phono equalizer that will accept moving coil and moving magnet inputs. A low noise mains power supply (3.5 Watts) is integrated into the unit, which is housed in a half width Modushop ‘Galaxy’ housing This avoids a multi-box solution and the inevitable cabling rats nest.

The MC features a ‘current injection’ input stage. This approach has become increasingly popular over the last few years and in this design utilizes the highly regarded Leach configuration popularized by Richard Lee’s ‘Duraglit Special’ with a few added twists in the X-Altra implementation. A servo loop keeps the input at exactly zero volts in order to avoid any DC current flowing in the MC cartridge.

The input stage uses 4 matched ultra-low rbb’ Zetex transistors to deliver better than 140 pico Volt per root Hz noise performance (input shorted to signal ground).

The preamp has DIP switches accessible from the rear of the unit that allow the gain (both MC and MM) and separately MM capacitive loading to be adapted to suit a wide range of cartridges. Selection between MC and MM is by means of a push button switch located on the rear panel.

A 40 dB/decade 20 Hz Sallen-Key rumble filter removes any infrasonic signals making for clean, crisp bass. The filter turnover can also be switched to 45 Hz to remove the annoying ‘sonic rumble’ found on some classical recordings.

Double sided, THP Gerbers will be available for the main PCB and for the rear panel which saves the DIY’er from having to drill and file aluminium cut-outs and mounting holes. Both the internal component mount and the rear panel PCB’s are matt black with white silk screening (the rear panel supplied with the Modushop housing can be discarded). Only three off 3mm diameter holes need to be drilled into the 10mm front plate for the indicator LED’s (power, MC and MM).

Shown above is the X-Altra RIAA rear panel

The X-Altra EQ preamp uses SMD components extensively, but these are all readily available from Mouser. I will try to get the PCB’s made available from ‘Jim’s Audio’ on eBay, but given the SMD nature of this project, it they may have to be obtained through a group buy.

Stay tuned for further updates!